GNSS Sofware Defined Receiver Metadata Standard

Public Comment Form

The ION GNSS Software Defined Receiver Metadata Standard has been developed by several researchers and engineers on a voluntary basis. It has achieved a level of maturity sufficient to be recommended as a draft release for usage by a larger community. The standard is in no way binding and solely serves as a utility to be used by interested developers.

Feedback from the initial request for comments (RFC1), which ran from September 15 to December 31, 2017, have been incorporated into revision 0.3 of the standard document and the corresponding normative software.

The results from RFC1 can be found here.

The second request for comments (RFC2) is currently active. Comments are sought to further improve the standard and point out any deficiencies. Comments should reflect the voluntary basis of the work with limited resources and the nonbinding character of the standard. Your involvement is highly encouraged and the group is open to all contributions ranging from student projects to input from commercial companies.

Please specify the topic of your comment and please indicate whether it directly impacts the current version of the standard or whether it should be considered as an add-on in a future revision.

Comments are accepted through December 31, 2018.